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The Maltese Islands offer a wide variety of sports both for amateurs and experts.  Outdoor and indoor activities are available for all age groups.  These sports include hiking, golf, abseiling, cycling, boat racing, sailing, swimming and a number of water sports.  Outdoor sports are a delight, especially during the winter months when temperatures are just right. And for those few days when the weather is not great, most hotels offer in-house facilities such as tennis, golf and squash courts.

The rugged Maltese terrain offers the best ground for leisure walks and cycling amongst beautiful panoramas of blues and greens. Fans of the underwater world can immerse themselves in the clear blue seas surrounding Malta, Gozo and Comino. The abundance of reefs, caves and wrecks make Malta a diver’s playground. In fact, the Islands have been repeatedly awarded top positions amongst the best diving destinations around the world. The diving and water sports season is long and stretches across almost all seasons. 

Being in a hectic and complex world, it’s a good idea to hop over to a place with a slower pace. The Maltese Islands offer a shelter of wellbeing, and the pace is slower on the Island of Gozo. What better way to escape the noise than taking in some fresh air from the Mediterranean Sea? The view of a calm blue horizon is enough to woe away any headache, and with the Maltese Islands’ warm climate, activities such as yoga on a beach or Pilates on a sunny roof garden or private villa are effortless. Delegates’ individual needs are also seen to, as all the 5 star and most of the 4 star hotels have fully equipped spa and fitness centres.